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Our eco-sensibility
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Our eco-sensibility

What we do to minimise our environmental impact

We've been surrounded by pristine rainforest for many years now and we have to say: we're deeply in love with it. With their long experience of the Retreat, our staff are a great source of knowledge about the fascinating eco-system that makes the Retreat so unique. Our guests soon value how important it is not to compromise a place that is one of the most special on earth.

In creating the Retreat we have been challenged by creating accommodation that's right inside a subtropical forest, but which is also as comfortable as possible during your time together. This is why we're always looking for ways to achieve this by using less energy, or by taking environmentally sympathetic measures. These include:

  • LCD televisions in all our bungalows (except Cedar Lodge and the Luxury Mountain View Lodges) use less electricity.
  • Our Guest Games Room is on stilts of galvanised iron drilled into bedrock. All our buildings are in fact elevated off the ground, so their physical footprint is absolutely minimised.
  • 'Comfort Plus' insulating glass is used throughout Cedar Lodge and the Luxury Mountain View Lodges to minimise heat transfer during hot days or cold nights, thus requiring less air conditioning.
  • Cedar Lodge uses a heat pump to warm its interior.
  • As a cleaning agent, disinfectant and anti-fungal product, we use diluted lemon myrtle oil. The pure oil itself is very powerful and can be heavily diluted. Unlike conventional chemical cleaners, it has a fresh, uplifting aroma.
  • We provide local pure lemon myrtle and macadamia oil soaps in the bungalows – they're 'almost good enough to eat'! Pure lemon myrtle oil is used in the 'bath salts' we make and provide for the guests.
  • We even have lemon myrtle trees around the Retreat if guests wish to use it for cooking!

This has been a magic experience and we intend to return if possible. The attempt to marry peaceful, amenable accomodation with intimate proximity to the rainforest is very appealing to us and we totally approve.

– Helen and John

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