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Our natural environment
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Our rainforest environment

A dynamic and complex ecosystem

Just 45 minutes drive from the Gold Coast Airport, Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat is a haven for bush walkers. Surrounded on 3 sides by the Numinbah Nature Reserve which itself adjoins the Springbrook and Lamington National Parks, you will be as close as you can get to living in a internationally significant nature reserve.

The World Heritage-listed rainforests of the Mount Warning volcano have evolved over 100 million years and are home to many rare and endangered plants and animal species. A romantic escape to Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat is a perfect excuse for exploring the biodiversity of this region.

Watch for birds on your romantic walks through the rainforest

Watch for birds on your romantic walks through the rainforestThe Retreat is an ecotourist's delight. Stroll under giant strangler figs, along fern-lined gorges or simply lay in a hammock over a crystal pool and watch the Wompoo pigeons frolic in the treetops. The Retreat is home to over 150 bird species.

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Perpetual conservation in action

Perpetual conservation in actionAt Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat our luxury couples-only bungalows are individually set amongst the rainforest - so it's in our interests to maintain this delicate eco-system. We are protected by a Perpetual Voluntary Conservation Agreement which provides a buffer between our economically developed zone and the National Park.

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Our eco-sensibility

Our eco-sensibilityIt's extremely important to us that in creating accommodation that's inside a subtropical forest, we avoid impacting it as much as possible.

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Our rehabilitation sites

Our rehabilitation sitesWe are currently rehabilitating and developing an area of land degraded by agricultural activity prior to 1967 and then left to the weeds. So far we have planted over 1000 native rainforest trees endemic to this area, including some threatened species that thrive on this property.

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Sub-tropical rainforest climate

Sub-tropical rainforest climateCheck out the temperature, rainfall and more of Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat.

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